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David Raines, Owner Vineyard Research

David Raines, logs 8,000 GROUND miles in Europe every year, traveling through wine country in a never-ending effort to learn WHY wines taste the way they do, why one hillside produces great wines in one year and the adjoining one does so in another, which factors determine the quality of Riesling in Germany and which others determine the quality of Gamay in Beaujolais, which TECHNIQUES the best growers use in every region, both in the field and in the cellar. These are NOT questions that can ever be finally answered, but Mr. Raines drinks (or at least tastes) 3,000 to 4,000 wines per year by way of at least approximating a set of conclusions.


Personal note by Wine Director David Raines:


As I approach my 25th anniversary in the business I find myself more interested than ever in WHY wine tastes and smells and ages the way it does. Six years on the streets for a Massachusetts wine importer, nearly two decades here at Gordonís, and now seven years working directly with growers in France and Germany have allowed me to see and hear and smell and taste WHERE wine comes from, WHO makes it, WHEN it ripens, and HOW itís grown and made. Iím still working on WHY so many moving parts come together the way they do to produce pleasures (and displeasures) so similar in some cases and so different in so many others.


After about 70 trips to wine country I no longer open a book when I write about the things that you might find on a visit to viticultural Europe or California. If you've already read all the books, or even if you haven't, come to me and my daily falsh emails for a different point of view with fantastic wine deals.